SAP Consumer Insight 365 Leads the Industry in Features and Design

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Let’s say you want to open up Bob’s Donuts in a particular area of Santa Clara. What facts do you need to know? Who lives there, who works there, are there other donut shops nearby? Are customers shopping or eating in the area? Would a marketing campaign catch the right types of customers? Will Bob’s Donuts be successful in this area?


The solution is simple. SAP Consumer Insight 365 powered by SAP Mobile Services.


Have you ever forgotten a password?  I know that I have.  I do all the time, in fact, although over the last year or two, I’ve gotten better at managing my password schemes (yes, I have schemes that I’ve memorized to generate new passwords).  But forgotten password recovery is a “popular” mechanism in which bad guys can gain access to your account. So, we must incorporate a number of checks to disrupt and prevent attempts to gain access to accounts.


The Struggle is real: Learning to love 2FA to combat online fraud

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In the past few years, the incidents of major data breaches as well as hacking into personal accounts for not only public people, but also not-so-public people, seem to be on the increase. 


For SMS messaging, getting routing right is important

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Why is it important that SMS messages are routed correctly? The global SMS ecosystem consists of separate, logical Application-to-Person (or A2P) connectivity network – one where mobile network operators (MNOs) have approved, and in many cases, monetized, this type of mostly commercial and non-human generated traffic. Traditionally, the A2P network uses separate connectivity from the general conversational or Person-to-Person (or P2P) connections. The reasons for this are numerous; however a significant reason is that it helps to control spam andgrey route traffic over the P2P networks.



At the 2016 Facebook’s F8 Developer’s conference, a new no-password login solution was announced called Account Kit.  Account Kit is designed to be an alternative login facility for people who either don’t want to use a social login such as Facebook or a non-password login. Users are given a choice between either email or their mobile phone number as their “identity.”  After providing one or the other, a one-time code is sent via email or SMS to their mobile device.  Access to the account is then granted.


Brand new reporting tool for SAP SMS 365 customers

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Have you heard about the reporting tool for SAP SMS 365 and its features?




April 24th, 2015 ushers in a new era of the Apple Watch. As many others did, I watched with anticipation, the March 9th Spring-forward Apple announcement that included information about the Apple Watch. Apart from the availability and pricing, little new information was provided that we really didn’t already know. As I review a large number of tweets, opinions, and articles, the first results indicate a very mixed set of views (from extremely positive to extremely negative [“the iFlop”]).


Newer is not always better. SMS is rapidly approaching its 25th birthday, a date that many other modern technologies will struggle to reach. In recent years a new pretender to the throne has been push notifications.


SMS Push Notifications - Converged world of Multi-Channel Notifications

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We are living in an increasingly always connected, always on world – where your customers and employees expect a higher degree of connectivity, information and control than ever before. They have gone from passive consumers of services, to active participants and (more challenging) vocal critics. To respond to this, needs new ways of working, including enabling much faster speed of reaction and decisioning.


Texting Like Social Networks

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84% of Facebook’s daily users access it from a mobile phone and 86% of monthly users also access it from mobile. Twitter is the “SMS of the internet”, with its 140 character limit for a tweet; it can fit in an SMS even a retweet can.  80% of all its users are on mobile. It is evident that mobile continues to be the strongest driver for growth for social networks. But, what is not so evident is mobile isn’t just about apps for social networks.


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