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Capitalize on IoT Opportunities – Without Sacrificing Security?

From smart phones to sensors, billions of devices around the world are connected using Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

But while IoT offers businesses a plethora of opportunities, it can also create plenty of challenges. After all, when everything is connected, everything becomes an easy target for criminals and con artists.

So, what can you do to prevent scammers from targeting you? Check out this infographic to learn how the SAP IoT Connect 365 mobile service will enable you to:

  • Tap into the opportunities associated with IoT technology without sacrificing security
  • Streamline device connectivity, onboarding, and management via a single user interface
  • Keep your data safe and secure with a state-of-the-art firewall system based in the cloud

With SAP IoT Connect 365, your data stays safe and secure – so that you can stay on top of every digital age opportunity that comes your way.

Shahzad Ismail
Community Manager – SAP Digital Interconnect