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About our Community

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SAP Mobile Services Community is a social forum created for all telecom evangelists who are interested to know more, exchange ideas and share knowledge on interconnection and engagement services for operators and enterprises such as SMS and data interoperability, roaming, signalling, mobile engagement (research, marketing and loyalty, big data for consumer insights and much more. 


The community is grouped in to areas of common interest:


  • Informational boards, open for everyone - Welcome, News and Help and Events boards. Anyone can read these sections but you must register to contribute and post comments.


  • Public community boards, open for everyone - Enterprise Talk, Operator Talk and Insight Services Talk boards. Again anyone can read articles on these boards but you must register to contribute and post comments.


  • Access to knowledegases for Enterprise Services and Consumer Insight.


  • Dedicated products and solutions pages for each of the new SAP Mobile Services products and solutions.


If you have any specific questions about this community please contact the Community Management team.

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